Gold approaches 9-year peak

Gold approaches 9-year peak
Gold prices on Tuesday climbed to a nearly nine-year high as investors continued to seek refuge in the precious metal as a safe haven amid surging Covid-19 infections worldwide.
The local gold price climbed at a moderate pace as the baht strengthened against the US dollar.
The price of gold peaked at US$1,824.5 an ounce on Tuesday, the highest level since September 2011, as global infections surpassed more than 14.8 million cases and over 613,000 deaths.
The SPDR fund bought 4.97 tonnes of gold on Monday after buying 6.43 tonnes last week.
Gold was lifted by a weaker US dollar and fireworks in silver, which climbed 3% to $19.33 an ounce overnight, said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst for Asia-Pacific at forex firm Oanda.
"A move through $1,820 an ounce [for gold] should see more stop-loss sellers, as well as model-driven buyers, hit the market," Mr Halley said. "That could lead to a reasonably rapid spike by gold into the mid-1,830s an ounce, reinvigorating gold's rally."
Jitti Tangsithpakdi, chairman of the Gold Traders Association and owner of Chin Hua Heng Goldsmith, said gold continues to rise because of the weaker dollar and the global economic slowdown.
If the economic downturn does not reverse, gold will remain as a safe-haven asset, Mr Jitti said, adding that the pandemic and foreign exchange volatility have contributed to the surge in prices.
On the domestic front, gold edged up to 27,300 baht per baht-weight as the baht strengthened to 31.67 against the dollar at press time, up from 31.80 on Monday.
"Gold, as a safe haven when the global economy is in downturn, is investible because the price continues to be on an upward trend supported by the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic and progress towards a vaccine," said MTS Gold chairman Kritcharat Hirunyasiri.
Mr Kritcharat said investors should invest with caution and buy gold when the price falls to $1,805 for global spot and 27,000 baht for domestic gold.
Tanarat Pasawongse, chief executive of Hua Seng Heng Group, said global gold prices in the medium term are expected to move upward, while sideways movement is anticipated in the short term, with a resistance line at $1,830-$1,850.
For gold futures investors, the resistance line is 27,610 baht and the support line is 27,100 baht, he said.
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FIRE Dreams Crushed in Thailand. What can you do to protect yourself?

What to do when your LCOL overseas paradise gets too expensive for you to retire?
I finished reading an article on Thailand and the impact of currency fluctuation when retiring overseas.
Before I FIRED, I worked for a helicopter company. When doing business in a foreign currency, we mitigated our revenue risk with currency hedges and contract escalators. There is not a contractual way (that I know of) to safeguard your retirement against foreign exchange (FOREX) risk, so what options do you have?
Has anyone looked at personal hedges on foreign currency? I never did the hedges myself, I always delegated that to the Treasury group at work, so I am not even sure where I would start to try and set up a currency hedge for my personal life. Any ideas?
What about other ways to help if there is a significant currency swing? I can think of a few ideas:
  1. Have a bigger buffer. Easier said than done. Everyone wants a bigger cushion, right? But in the cases cited in the article, some retirees complaining about the currency decline seemed ill-prepared for any contingencies.
In the Brian Maxey example, he was complaining that Pattaya was cheap when he retired early there at 55, 20 years ago. The article states that during those 20 years, the Thai Baht (THB) increased vs the British Pound (GBP) from 38 to 60 (up 58%).
But if we look at that 58% as an increase OVER 20 YEARS, that is a compound annual growth rate of 2.3%. 2.3% is lower than most FIRE advocates 3% inflation placeholder. I would argue that if an additional 2.3% in your expenses is unmanageable, then you might be cutting your retirement too close.
2) Diversify income streams. If you know you are retiring in another country long term (the people in the article bought homes), then having income in the foreign currency would be one way to handle fluctuations. As an example, if the people interviewed in the article had a portion of their investable assets in rental property, then as the THB increased in value, so would their income stream from their Thai rental property.
3) Be mobile. This is my current method. I don't purchase housing in any of the locations I live in. My leases are for 6 months or less. This option allows me the flexibility to move if I want to experience a new city or renew my contract if I like where I am at. I have seen the metamorphosis of some cities for the worse, and I am incredibly grateful to have flexibility.
\rant* A couple of years ago, I lived in a quaint, idyllic beach town in Cambodia called Sihanoukville that was heavenly, until the Chinese casinos and shady Chinese criminal element invaded. Luckily I could move, but some of my friends had businesses there and were screwed.*
The bohemian beach vibe of the town changed. Filth, garbage, crime, and pollution increased. Western tourism dried up. Rents increased as Chinese bought up beachfront property for sprawling hostel casinos. My friends were forced to liquidate businesses they owned for years at laughable prices.
4) Buy a house. Obviously, this is the opposite of the option above, but I understand if people want more stability than my nomadic life. If you're going to plant roots in a place, owning might be better than renting. Rents can increase, while your mortgage will stay fixed. If housing is generally 20-40% of your monthly expenses, at least a substantial portion of your monthly expenses is fixed.
What other ways would you guys consider protecting yourself against a similar situation?
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Best way to transfer Baht to USD

I live in the states. What is the best way to transfer baht to usd if it is over 50k? I read some posts but it was all under 50k. Please put as much details as you can. Thanks.
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Rupee gains marginally as crude slips

Rupee gains marginally as crude slips
In early deals today, the rupee traded at 71.38 a dollar, up 0.10% from Monday’s close of 71.44
Asian currencies were trading lower
The Indian rupee on Tuesday strengthened marginally against the US dollar after international crude oil prices fell on demand worries.
In early deals today, the rupee traded at 71.38 a dollar, up 0.10% from Monday’s close of 71.44. The Indian unit had opened at 71.38 a dollar.
Brent crude slipped on concerns that demand will be hit as the novel coronavirus spread rapidly in China and other countries. Global stocks and currencies also fell on concerns over the spread of the new virus. China on Tuesday reported a further increase in both the death toll and number of infected people from the virus. The director-general of the World Health Organization is visiting Beijing to assess China’s response to the disease as the death toll topped 100 and the number of cases soared overnight.
Traders also focus on the US Federal Reserve meeting due today and tomorrow where it is expected to keep rates unchanged. Traders will also eye the Union Budget on 1 February for cues on fiscal deficit and government borrowing targets. Analysts expect the government may widen fiscal deficit for the current fiscal to 3.7% from 3.3% projected. The government may keep deficit target at 3.5% for next year.
“All of this shall keep the rupee on upward bias but quantum of move shall remain low as people wait for budget before taking long bets. The further course of the pair shall be clearer after the Budget announcement as the markets will react differently to the various measures which shall be announced by the Government,” said CR Forex Advisors in a note to its investors
The yield on the 10-year government bond was at 6.553% compared with its previous close of 6.556%. Bond yield and prices moves in opposite directions. The benchmark Sensex was at 41,150.72, down marginally. Year to date, the index has lost 0.24%.
Year to date, the rupee has strengthened 0.06%, while foreign investors have bought nearly $2.23 billion in Indian equities and sold $1.44 billion in debt.
Asian currencies were trading lower. Malaysian ringgit was down 0.62%, Thai Baht 0.26%, Indonesian rupiah 0.25%, Taiwan dollar 0.25%, Japanese yen 0.07%. China renminbi was up 0.46% and China Offshore 0.11%.
The dollar index, which measures the US currency’s strength against a basket of major currencies, was at 97.948, down 0.01% from its previous close of 97.956.
Watch our Stock Market Target Calls Quality, Track sheet – Click Here or Subscribe us for Stock Market Trading >>>> Stock Cash Tips
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Get the Best Thai Baht to INR Selling Rate |

Get the best Thai Baht to INR selling rate at All the Thai Baht to INR rates displayed on BookMyForex are updated every 3 seconds. Compare Thai baht to INR rates on other sites; you will find the best Thai Baht rates here. Contact us to know Thai Baht to INR rates or to convert THB to INR at best rates.
THb to INR
INR to Baht
Thai Baht to INR
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11-04 14:33 - 'DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KRATSCOIN AND BITCOIN' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/xia112 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 3-13min

• The indivisible minimum KRATSCOIN unit is 0.00001 instead of 0.00000001 to denominate realistic currency rates in FOREX. Denomination cannot be determined or dictated by the value of a currency. If KRATSCOIN is valued at USD10,000.00 then the smallest unit of KRATSCOIN at 0.00001 = USD0.10 and nothing smaller than USD0.10 in KRATSCOIN.
Example: If USD1.00 = THB30.00 and the smallest denomination of USD is USD0.10, then a USD0.10 which is THB3.00, is unable to buy a piece of candy at THB1.00. Thus the USD must be converted into a smaller currency of THB in order to buy the THB1.00 candy.
• KRATSCOIN is in-line with standard International Foreign Currency Exchange Practice at indivisible minimum unit 0.00001.
• Each KRATSCOIN is equipped with a 13 digit “SERIAL CODES AND NUMBERS” and there will be a total of 2,100,000,000,000 SERIAL CODES in total.
Example1: 1st KRATSCOIN = AKDJFYRS.00000 Example2: 1st Fraction from 1st KRATSCOIN = AKDJFYRS.00001 Example3: 2nd Fraction from 2nd KRATSCOIN = AKDJFYRS.00002 Example4: Last KRATSCOIN = DLXVZKWR.00000 Example5: 1st Fraction from Last KRATSCOIN = DLXVZKWR.00001 Example6: 2nd Fraction from Last KRATSCOIN = DLXVZKWR.00002
• In Year 2015, Silk Road in DeepWeb utilization of Bitcoin in their transactions amounts to USD1.2billion spanning over 950,000 users. One may argue that Bitcoin is most utilized by the black market, which then maintains its value and worth among other factors. However, the USD1.2bil a year over 950,000 users are far fetch from the Legitimate Users in comparison. Bitcoin transactions runs into USD40.0bil in recent Legitimate Crypto Exchanges. In summary, legitimate transaction of crypto currencies is many times larger use in illegal transactions.
• Fiat Currency is backed by Governments/Countries itself. What determines the value of a currency is the economic health, demand, growth, political stability to name a few, of the respective country. Before 1930, most fiat currencies were backed by gold and silver.
• Since 1971, U.S. citizens have been able to utilize Federal Reserve Notes as the only form of money that for the first time had no currency with any gold or silver backing. This is where you get the saying that U.S. dollars are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. Government - quoted in
• What backs crypto value is purely supply and demand. The demand creation of a crypto is its sole objective. To create demand, the crypto has to have a purpose. And most purpose commonly promoted is utility. The number of ways you can utilize the said crypto. The more utilization factors the more demand there is for it.
• There are other ways to substantiate value of a crypto and that is to back the crypto with a 1 to 1 ratio in assets or in USD. Then the question is, how 3,000 crypto currencies in circulation be monetary eco sustainable? Can anyone imagine walking into McDonald and view a chart of 3,000 different pricing? Which also means the crypto is a payment gateway pegging against USD instead of bearing any true characteristic of a currency.
• A country’s currency is in its own legit form of legal tender, the only currency acceptable under financial sovereigns of a country. People in the world must be made to understand that. Retailers in Thailand cannot put up products price tags in EUROS/USD, it is illegal. It has to be in Thai Baht.
• It is hardly imaginable for everyone in the world to retail with a Crypto-Currencies at a rate of 7 transactions per second. When mining nodes are reduced due to non-performing mining ratio, mining blocks in the Blockchain will significantly be limited too, rendering delays in transactions while usage increases.
• In time to come, as trends of crypto picks up, Thailand can issue BAHT COIN or UK the STERLING COIN, exactly what China wishes to do. Digital RMB, but would such crypto currencies be fully decentralized? We all have our answers. Absurd to even think of producing Thai Baht, Pound Sterling or Chinese Yuan at the cost of electricity. It is currencies in digital forms.
KRATSCOIN is not meant for that purpose. In some opinion, apart from utilization, a crypto can be for safekeeping, an entity for keeping money while allowing easy liquidation, at a click of a mobile button, not to mention sending or transferring without the trouble of going to banks, which was the original purpose of Bitcoin to begin with. Therefore, KRATSCOIN would be better termed as Crypto Commodity, sharing similarities as Metal Commodities.
An individual cannot use gold to make a purchase, neither can one eat gold. It can only be kept or invest in for appreciative value over time. Gold is being exampled for its scarcity which reasons for its higher value over its cousin, silver or bronze. Who or what determines the value of gold? Just like any other crypto, demand by humanity. As in all other commodities, it must also be placed in checks by governments. To put in checks, serial numbers are introduced to protect a country’s commodities outflows or illegal exports.
Humanity made Bitcoin a reality. Acceptance by the majority members of the public made Bitcoin to what is it today with the trust they entrusted it with, or is the majority public hopping on the band wagon to make a few quick extra bucks? Whatever the reasons are, the characteristics of Crypto Currencies are only matched by the behavior of Commodities.
SERIALIZED COINS - WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE PUBLIC: Every currency has its own remarkable name, design and colors. Dollars, Euros, Pound, Tugrik, Peso, Rupee, Rupiah, Dina, Ringgit, Baht and the list carries on. One thing every currency have in common - Serial Numbers.
In any crime, investigators will firstly establish motives and mode of operation, both of which are very likely related to money. So following the money trial is a natural thing to do for investigators/authorities and it has become a common practice. Crimes require funding ie robbers need money to buy guns to carry out its robbing activities. Cutting off financing will reduce criminal activities. That’s the approach governments of the WORLD have adopted for crime fighting.
Perhaps people do not realize this while most do not feel the pinch. Humanity tends to take life for granted until apocalypse happens. Take a minute to visualize the tallest tower in your homeland collapse into a pile of dust with thousands of casualties effecting everything else that comes to mind. Imagine a family member, just 1 is enough, is among those casualties.
• Imagine if monetary system is not in place and drug dealers, among many, roam the earth freely distributing what can be death threatening substance to your kids. What if you are mugged of your inheritance [items left to you by your father] that is beyond retrieval? As for crypto enthusiast, what if your wallet gets hacked as even the mighty Pentagon gets hacked. All the above can go away if the crypto system leaves a trail for hound dogs to sniff out. Money Trail or Serial Codes Trail to be exact.
• Citizens rely on governments and their countries to do what is best for them to lead their daily lives, flourish, advance, improve and strive but at the same time, citizens want to take away the single most important thing deemed crucial in the hierarchy of humanity from governments with additional boastful remarks such as “I transferred $400 million from one corner of the earth to another corner in a single transaction and no governments can do anything about it”.
• In-short, to boast unregulated financial movement is to arrogantly promote crime without realizing it while challenging the world’s monetary authority. Oldest advice in the book teaches us never to pick a fight we can’t win.
• Serial Coded Coins does not take away the financial movement freedom nor does it take away your privacy. It merely provides Authorities the necessary means needed for crime prevention and fighting. It only re-inforce security and safety. SERIALIZED COINS - WHAT IT MEANS FOR GOVERNMENTS: • Governments are relentlessly trying to find new ways to keep track of crypto transactions. Crypto Currency Exchanges, just like all other Financial Institutions and Banks, are required to practice the most stringent Know Your Customer (widely known as KYC) process. The KYC is designed to provide governing agencies and authorities with information pertaining to crypto ownerships.
• But no governments can have information on Peer-to-Peer (also known as P2P) transactions unless the government in question launch a full scale Federal Investigation on certain suspected individuals seeking Wallet Developers to unveil the ownership of certain wallet addresses. Do not forget, National and Global Security trumps Privacy Act. Refusal to co-operate under the pretext of Global or National Security will only result in an out-right ban, which is exactly what happened to Blackberry.
• Questions to Governments – What if Wallet Developers or Crypto Exchanges shuts down which can happen for various reasons be it foul-play, sinister or forcefully under threat? What if servers are damaged and ruined? An EMP strike or a simple magnet can make it happen. Information/identities of suspected customers of such addresses shall be lost forever and along with it the Money Trial.
• The most probable way of evading Authorities with crypto assets are developing an e-wallet for own illicit purpose. Since the cost of developing an e-wallet is relatively low in considerable cost to hiding, what can governments do to flush out these ants from the vast networks of tunnels?
• With Serialized Coded Crypto Assets, it doesn’t matter if servers of Exchanges or Wallets are destroyed. The Serial Codes of each token/coin enables governments of every participating country to track both origin and destination by identifying records of each token/coin in wallet address. It can disappear into a cold wallet but emerging some place later yet Authorities can still detail which particular token/coin has at one moment of time been into which wallet, on what day and date.
• If the battle of financial crimes can be resolved with a simple Serialize Coded Crypto Asset, the eradication of corruptions, money laundering, unlawful proceeds and terrorism financing will be made possible. Criminals can no longer exploit the genius creation of Sathoshi – Blockchain and Crypto-Currencies.
• Global Security, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering could just be excuses granting government agencies the need to have access to financial information in the Monetary System. Nonetheless, it is in the interest of every nation that capital outflow is controlled. Capital Outflow is most frequent when the economy of a country is deteriorating. In the face of an economy meltdown, monetary flow is most needed and yet citizens tend to transfer monies further away illegally from their own country in an act of selfishness. This would not be tolerated by any country. Serial Coded Coin shall prove this attempt futile.
• In most part of Asian Countries, many crypto-currency mining operations are carried out illegally. The legality sits on thin fine line where Authorities can pin only stealing of electricity as a major concern to the respective country. Since most Power Companies belongs to the Country in one way or another, it is financially damaging to Power Producers and Utility Suppliers. Serial Codes can determine if the KRATSCOIN is mined legally or illegally making it difficult for miners or mining farms to mine crypto while avoiding making electricity payments. Will this deterrent disrupt the chain of KRATSCOIN supply? That’s not how Blockchain Tech works. TAXATIONS - WHAT IT MEANS FOR PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENTS: • Taxation cannot be imposed on “Illegal & Unlawful Proceeds” instead confiscation is enforced in many countries. Origins or proceeds of Serialized Coded Crypto Assets can be easily identified by the Serial Codes in-conjunction with the Blockchain. This exercise can evidently proof the legitimacy of the aforesaid token/coin. By “Illegal & Unlawful Proceeds” also refers to crypto coins obtained via illegal mining operations.
• Taxation on Crypto Assets are calculated on profits deriving from the sale/disposal of the crypto Assets. If we are small crypto believers, the amount of taxation rendered by Inland Revenue will be insignificant. Why risk Freedom of Life over Freedom of Small Monies. If we are big crypto believers, taxation on Serialized Coded Coins can be considered added security to your assets protection.
• By adopting Serialized Crypto Assets, declaration is made easily possible via proof of token/coin origin via the Blockchain. If the Authorities can know where our crypto assets come from, the Authorities will know where it will disappear to. It is taxation cum insurance in one tiny sum. This added security with freedom feature will encourage self-declarations of crypto assets to Authorities and Agencies. PRIVACY & ANONIMITY: • Many may be skeptical of their wealth being tracked and monitored. But in this era of technological advance society, everything we touches has our signature. Banks, iPhones, Samsung Mobiles, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, Facebook, Properties, Utilities. Almost everything. It is to this fact that there is a need for Privacy Protection Act.
• As explained before, Crypto Currency Exchange KYC procedures is designed to expose the identity of Crypto Assets ownership. The Blockchain is supposed to serve as a transparent information platform. The question of privacy over Serialized Coded Coins does not exist, it does not make Serialized Coded Coins ownership any less private.
• Ownership of wallet addresses shall always remain anonymous while the only way Authorities can get to it is through Wallet Developers by virtue of Global/National Security Threats or by a Court Order as per the Privacy Protection Act. SAFETY & SECURITY (CODED CRYPTO VS FIAT + COMMODITIES): • No human mind can memorize the millions of serial numbers printed on fiat currencies. The records of Serialized Coded Coins will forever be in the Blockchain embedded within each transaction from wallet to wallet.
• Serialized Commodities such as gold can be melted down. Diamonds recrafted. Fiat double printed. But not Serialized Coded Crypto Assets.
• Should an accessory system be added into the KRATSCOIN Blockchain, allowing reports on criminal activity be made within the Blockchain, notifying all ledgers of certain stolen Serial Coded Coins, enabling WARNINGS and forbidding next transaction of that particular Serial Coded Coin, wouldn’t this function enhance protection. A theft deterrent function which can never be achieved with physical gold, diamonds or fiat. KRATSCOIN SUMMARY: • Most crypto currencies have not reach a level of security alert for governments. This could be the only reason why a possible ban has not been discussed. China and India has begun efforts to control or ban crypto currencies in their quest to combat capital outflow, writer’s personal opinion. The EU has stopped Libra from implementation. “A company cannot be allowed Authoring Power for issuance of currencies” quoted the governments. KRATSCOIN is fully decentralized with no ownership nor control by any country, company or individual. Once again, the beauty of Bitcoin decentralization concept prevails.
• “There is no such thing as a world currency. However, since World War II, the dominant or reserve currency of the world has been the U.S. dollar” quoted in
• Most countries have “Foreign Reserves” as backing to a country’s fiat currency. It is a mean of “back up” attempt should all factors above mentioned leading to the value of their currencies collapse. Then what will happen if the Country of the Foreign Reserves collapse?
• Serial Coded KRATSCOIN belongs to no one, no country, no company and therefore theoretically shall not be effected by politics, war or global economy meltdown yet everyone, every country and every government is able to benefit from KRATSCOIN.
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What are America's forex reserves composed of?

Most countries (all except the US, I suppose) use US dollars (and a few other currencies) as forex reserves, but the US can't do that, right? That wouldn't be "foreign" reserves. What are the US forex reserves composed of? Euros? Gold? Yens? Are lesser known currencies included (let's say, Thai's bahts)?
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Dolar kuru

Dolar kuru, bir doların ABD dolarına (USD) karşı bir döviz kurudur . Enternasyonal piyasalarda işlem gören para birimlerinin bir çok USD başına döviz cinsinden birim olarak verilmiştir. Sadece, euro, İngiliz sterlini ve Avustralya doları benzer biçimde bazı para birimleri döviz başına ABD doları cinsindendir.

Dolar Kuru Düşüş Ve Yükseliş

Dolar kuru, başka bir ülkenin para biriminin ABD dolarına çevrildiği orandır. Mesela, bir Kanada dolarına dolar oranı 0,75 ise, bir ABD dolarının bir Kanada dolarının dörtte üçü ile değiştirilir.

Dolar Oranının Önemi

Dolar kuru, dünya genelinde para birimlerinin nispi değerini yansıtmaktadır . Kur riski, belli para birimlerinin göreceli tutarındaki değişimin, yabancı para cinsinden meydana getirilen yatırımların kıymetini düşürdüğü anlamına gelir. Bu tipik olarak yabancı para cinsinden faiz ve anapara ödemeleri meydana getiren tahvil sahipleri için en mühim risktir bu sebeple dolar oranı yatırımcının gerçek getiri oranını etkisinde bırakır .
Bir para birimi değerlendiğinde, ülke daha pahalı ve internasyonal olarak daha azca rekabetçi bir hale gelir. Vatandaşları daha yüksek bir yaşam standardına haiz bu sebeple internasyonal ürünleri indirimli fiyatlarla satın alıyorlar. Para birimi kıymet kaybetmiş olduğu süre, mahalli ürünler daha rekabetçi hale gelir ve ihracat artar. Enternasyonal ürünler alırken gelirler o denli da yüksek değildir. Mesela, dolar oranı düştüğünde, ABD ürünleri internasyonal olarak daha ucuz hale gelir ve ABD şirketleri ihracatlarını artırır. İhracat meydana getiren firmalar daha çok işçi istihdam ediyor ve istihdam artıyor. ABD Birleşik Devletleri’nde satılan yabancı ürünlerin daha pahalı hale gelmesi sebebiyle ithalat azalmaktadır. ABD Birleşik Devletleri yabancı turistler için daha ucuz hale geliyor ve gezim gelirleri artıyor. Sadece, Amerikalıların yurt dışına gezi etmesi daha pahalıdır. İthal edilen ürünlerin tutarları artar ve daha yüksek enflasyona neden olur.
Dolar Oranını Etkileyen Faktörler
Arz ve talep , bir para biriminin fiyatını belirler. Bazı insanoğlu, firmalar yada hükumetler, doların kıymetini çoğaltmak yada azaltmak için öteki para birimleri için dolar alır yada satar. Mesela, Amerikalı ithalatçılar yen için bir bankada dolar takas ediyorlar, arkasından ABD’de satılık Japon otomobilleri alıyorlar ve bir dolar deposu yaratıyorlar. Aynı şekilde, bir Japon ithalatçı yen için dolar takas etti sonrasında Japonya’da satılan Amerikan otomobillerini satın alarak dolarlar için bir talep yarattı.
Internasyonal yatırımcılar dolar oranını da etkiliyor. Mesela, Amerikalı yatırımcılar yen için Japon borsasında hisseleri satın almak için dolar alış verişinde bulunurlar. Aynı şekilde, Japon yatırımcılar da ABD piyasalarına yatırım yaparak dolar karşılığında yen karşılığında dolar talep ediyorlar.
Hükumetler dolar oranını da etkiliyor. Her ülke, internasyonal borç, ithalat ve öteki amaçlarla ödeme yapmak için altın ve yabancı para birimlerinin rezervlerini meblağ. Mesela, Japon hükumeti dolar rezervini artırmaya karar verdiğinde, yen’i dolar satar ve dolar için talep yaratır. ABD hükumeti yen rezervlerini artırdığında yen için dolar satar ve dolar için bir arz yaratır.

Döviz kuru

Dolar kuru iki para birimi arasındaki nispi değerdir. Basitçe söylemek gerekirse, “döviz kurları diğerine takas edebileceğiniz bir para birimidir.”
Seyahatte döviz kuru, bir ABD doları ile satın alabileceğiniz para miktarı yada yabancı para cinsinden miktarı ile tanımlanır. Döviz kuru bir ABD doları için kaç pezo , euro yada baht alabileceğinizi (ya da bir doların karşılığının başka bir ülkede ne alacağını) tanımlar .

Oranı hesapla

Döviz kurunu hesaplamak basittir sadece günlük olarak değişebilir. Örnek olarak: Diyelim ki Euro döviz kuru 0,825835. Bu, bir ABD Doları’nın 0,825835 Euro’dan satın almış olduğu yada takas edilebileceği yada “kıymeti” olduğu anlamına gelir.
İki Euro’nun ABD Doları’nın ne kadar değerinde bulunduğunu bulmak için, bir Euro’nun kaç ABD Doları değerinde bulunduğunu hesaplamak için 0.825835 ile 1’i (bir dolar benzer biçimde) bölün. Bundan dolayı:
Döviz kurunu kullanarak, $ 1’ın 0,80 Avro’nun birazcık üstünde bulunduğunu görebilirsiniz. İki ABD Doları ortalama 1.65 Avro, iki Euro ise ABD Doları cinsinden 2.40 ABD Dolarına eşittir.
Yaşayacağınız döviz kurlarının çoğunluğu esnek döviz kurlarıdır. Kısaca, ekonomik faktörlere bağlı olarak döviz kuru yükselebilir yada düşebilir. Bu durumlar günlük olarak, çoğu zaman seyahatiniz sırasındaki minik kesirler ile değişebilir.
Para birimleri arasındaki esnek döviz kurları, bir döviz piyasası yada özetlemek gerekirse “forex” tarafınca belirlenir. Bu piyasalar, yatırımcıların bir para birimini öteki parayla satın alma fiyatlarını, o ülkenin parası güçlendiğinde daha çok para kazanma ümidiyle düzenler.
Esnek bir döviz kuru örneği için , ABD Birleşik Devletleri ve Kanada arasındaki geçişlere bakın . 2017 yılının Nisan ayında bir Amerikan Doları, 1.28 $ Kanada Doları değerindedir. Nisan ve Ağustos 2017 içinde, kıymet ortalama sekiz sent azaldı ve Kanada Doları döviz kurunda birazcık daha güçlendi. Fakat 2018’in başlangıcında Amerikan Doları tekrardan güçlendi. Mayıs 2017’de Kanada’nın Niagara Şelalesi’ne tatile giderseniz, Amerikan Dolarınız 1.37 $ değerinde Kanada Doları olmuş ve size daha çok alım gücü elde edecektir.
Fakat aynı geziyi Eylül 2017’de yaptıysanız, Amerikan Doları‘nız her biri yalnızca 1,21 $ Kanada Doları değerinde olurdu – para biriminde mühim bir yitik.

Durağan(durgun) Döviz Kuru Nedir?

Bir çok ülke döviz piyasasındaki para birimlerindeki farkı fiyatlandırırken, bazı ülkeler para birimlerinin dolar kuru dış para birimleri karşısında denetim ederler. Buna durağan(durgun) döviz kuru denir .
Değişik hükümetler, dolar kurunu korumak için değişik gerekçeler sunmaktadır. Bir Küba Cabrio Pesosu’nun bir Amerikan Dolarına eşit olduğu Küba’da ABD ambargosu ve siyasal farklılıklar, Küba hükümetinin gezgin dolarlarına Amerikan doları benzer biçimde işlem etmesine niçin oldu. Ayrıca, Çin’de hükümet, para birimlerini Dolara karşı “sabitlemeye” karar verdi ve bazılarının dünyanın en kalabalık ülkesini bir “para manipülatörü” olarak görmesine yol açtı.
Bunu şöyle düşünün: dolar kuru, yabancı para biriminin değerinin ne kadar bulunduğunu denetim ederek bir döviz kurunu korumaya çalışır, esnek döviz kurları bir ülkenin genel mali sağlığının gücü de dahil olmak suretiyle çeşitli ekonomik faktörlere dayanır.

Döviz Kurunu Neler Etkileyebilir?

Esnek dolar kuru günden güne değişebilir, sadece çoğu zaman bir kuruşun altındaki oldukça minik artışlarla. Sadece hükümet değişimleri yada iş kararları benzer biçimde büyük ekonomik faktörlerin internasyonal döviz kurları üstünde tesirleri olabilir.
Mesela, ABD Doları’nın 2002 ve 2015 yılları arasındaki değişimlerini göz önünde bulundurun. ABD’nin ulusal borcu 2002 ve 2007 yılları aralığında mühim seviyede yükseldiğinde, Amerikan Doları, internasyonal emsallerine kıyasla kıymet olarak düştü. Iktisat, “Büyük Durgunluk” a girdiğinde, dolar bir miktar güç kazanmıştı, bu sebeple büyük firmalar servetlerini koruyorlardı.
Ne süre Yunanistan ekonomik çöküşünün eşiğinde bulunduğunu , Avro tutarındaki zayıfladı. Buna karşılık Amerikan Doları güçlenerek Amerikalılara Avrupa Ekonomik Bölgesi’nde daha çok alım gücü kazandırdı. İngiltere’nin Avrupa Birliği’nden ayrılması için meydana getirilen referandum oyu , doların kıymetini daha da değiştirdi ve İngiliz Sterlini’ne bile daha yaklaştı.
Internasyonal durumlar, ABD Dolarının yurtdışında ne nadar kıymetli bulunduğunu etkileyebilir. Bu şeylerin yurtdışındaki satın alma gücünüzü iyi mi değiştirebileceğini anlayarak, paranızın mahalli para birimiyle ne süre değiştirileceğine yada Amerikan Doları’nı ne süre alacağınıza ve kredi kartınızı yada banka kartınızı kullanarak ne süre harcayacağınıza karar verebilirsiniz.
Banka Ücretleri Döviz Kurlarının Bir Parçası mı?
Seyahate çıkmadan ilkin, “internasyonal işlem tutarı ödemeyen” kredi kartı yada banka kartı teklifi alabilirsiniz. Bunların döviz kurları üstünde tesiri var mı?
Gezi edenlere bir hizmet olarak, bankalar yurt dışındayken banka yada kredi kartıyla meydana getirilen alışverişleri gerçekleştirmeyi seçebilirler. Bununla beraber, birçoğu işlem için kimi zaman “internasyonal işlem tutarı” olarak adlandırılan ek bir ücret ödemeyi de seçer. Bu çoğu zaman işlem tutarının bir yüzdesi olarak alınır ve banka ücretlerinden ayrı olabilir.
Bunlar ayrı ücretler olduğundan internasyonal bir işlem tutarı, döviz kurunun bir parçası olarak kabul edilmez . Yurtdışındayken en iyi tutarları almak için, daima internasyonal bir işlem tutarı almayan kredi ve banka kartlarını kullandığınızdan güvenli olun .

Döviz Kuru Nedir, Niçin Bilmeliyim?

Seyahate çıkmadan ilkin yada gezi ederken, döviz kurunun ne işe yaradığını bilmeniz gerekir, böylece paranızın ne kadar kıymetli bulunduğunu başka bir ülkede bileceksiniz. Eğer bir dolar yurtdışında bir dolara değmiyorsa, buna bakılırsa bütçeleme yapabilirsiniz ve şimdi gezi ederken hakikaten ne kadar harcadığınızı görebilirsiniz.
Ek olarak, seyahate çıkmadan ilkin döviz kurunu bilmek, gitmeden ilkin para birimi dönüştürme işleminde en iyi teklifi almanıza destek olabilir. Varışta minik bir döviz bulundurmak daima önemlidir, bu yüzden gezi etmeden ilkin döviz kurlarını takip ederek, gezi etmeden ilkin bankanızdan yada seçilen döviz kurundan en oldukça parayı alabilirsiniz.

Param için En İyi Döviz Kurunu Iyi mi Alabilirim?

Size doğru yada tamamen adil bir döviz kuru sunmak için sokak kiosklarına yada başka bir ülkedeki havaalanı kiosklarına güvenmeyin. Sokaktaki yada hava alanındaki döviz bozdurma bölgeleri, yolcuları çekmek için hiçbir şey yapmaları gerekmediğini biliyor, bu yüzden her işlemin üzerine büyük bir komisyon alıyorlar. Netice olarak, karşılığında oldukça azca para almak için, bu borsalardan biriyle büyük oranda paranız olacak.
Ücretin ne işe yaradığını biliyorsanız, paranızı takas etmek için en uygun bölgeler bir banka yada ATM’dir. Bankalar hem de dünyanın dört bir tarafındaki standart saatlerde çalışmış oldukları için paranızı bir bankaya almak daima uygun olmayabilir. ATM’ler iyi bir yedekleme planı sunar, bu sebeple çoğu zaman mahalli para birimini geçerli döviz kurundan alabilirsiniz. Akıllı gezginler ek olarak ATM tutarı yada internasyonal işlem tutarı almayan bir banka kartı kullandığından, paranızın gerçek kıymetini daima alırsınız.
Sadece yurtdışında bir kredi kartı kullanmayı seçerseniz, en iyi seçeneğiniz daima mahalli para biriminde ödeme yapmayı seçmektir. Bazı durumlarda, ödeme meydana getiren firmalar Amerikan Doları cinsinden ödeme hayata geçirmeye karar verirseniz işlem ücretlerini eklemeyi seçebilirler; Kredi kartınızın internasyonal bir işlem tutarı yoksa, mahalli para biriminde ödeme yapmak, satın aldığınız noktada, üstüne gizli saklı bir ilave ücret ödemeden en iyi döviz kurunu verebilir.
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Traveller's cheques in Thailand

In May I'll be going to Thailand for about a month and plan on a budget of $1500 CAD/around $50 CAD/day.
I first thought of bringing $600/700 CAD in cash and then make one ATM withdraw of ~$800 CAD = 20000 baht. The downside to this method is that I will be carrying A LOT of money at once and the ATM withdraw will cost me about $35 CAD with the forex fee, and both Thai and home bank fees.
I've read that most banks in Thailand accept AmEx travellers cheques, so my other method would be $500 CAD cash and two $500 AmEx travellers cheques. This would mean that I won't be carrying as much money at one time and possiblty save on fees, if I understand them correctly..
This brings me to my questions about travellers cheques: - What are the fees involved? Is it only the 153 baht fee, or is there a forex fee charged like ATMs? If the bank charges a commission, does anyone know approximately how much this is. - Are the banks that accept them readily available all over Thailand (outside of Bangkok)? I.e. Chiang Mai, Pai, Khao San National park and the islands. - Will banks even accept them in the $500 CAD denominations?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Online Forex Trading Courses - How Important is it to Find a Good Forex Trading System?

There are exotic currency pair options which include trading Forex Trading System Review the US dollar against Thai baht, Danish krone and Singapore dollar, amongst others. There are also currency crosses in forex trading, such as the British pound and Japanese yen or Euro and Canadian dollar. To be successful in forex trading you trade your currencies in pairs to take advantage of one's strength over another. If you believe the Euro is gaining strength compared to the U.S. dollar then it is wise to buy Euros and sell U.S. dollars at the same time. Forex trading success lies in the ability to spot the stronger currency so you can purchase it whilst simultaneously seller the weaker currency.

You have been testing and playing around with different forex trading systems with little or no success. You start browsing forex blogs, forums, and articles... anticipating to find your ground breaking forex trading system. Still browsing. Take a seat back and little me ask you a question... Why haven't your created your own forex trading system based on your own evaluation. Using others forex system will cause you more stress and frustration. I will provide you with a list of 7 Stealth Steps to maximizing your own forex trading system and how to build the perfect system to match your personality.

There are many important questions that you need to answer before jumping into the forex market. Creating a forex goal will give you a success point to reach for and a direction to pursue. I have seen some traders with 5 indicators on one chart; to inform them of their next move with no success or at best break even. Here's another secret... forex indicators don't work. The 3 most powerful tools to use when trading forex are candlesticks buyesellers behavior, price action resistances, and trend up, straight, or down.

You are attaching emotions with your forex trades because there is real money involved. If you have no previous trading experience or a beginner always start low; then with more experience and confidence starting increasing your lot as time passes by. Not all your trades are going to be winners. It is better to break even then to lose. If you know that the trade has turned against you, don't start praying for a miracle... cut your loss and move on. There are endless profitable opportunities in the forex market.
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Highlights of Everex Bangkok Community Meetup on 14 Dec 2017

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Currency Decay is Spreading from Turkey and Argentina: The Bearish bets on Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah at highest in years

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)
Bearish bets that the Indian rupee will weaken rose to their highest level in five years over the past two weeks, a Reuters poll showed, as the unit hit fresh lows, while most emerging currencies reeled from dollar strength and trade tensions.
On Thursday the rupee breached a psychologically important mark of 72.00 for the first time on lack of supply of dollars in the forex market.
The rupiah, which was 0.2 percent stronger against the dollar on Thursday afternoon, has fallen nearly 10 percent this year and has been hovering around levels last seen during the Asian Financial Crisis 20 years ago.
Bearish bets on the Singapore dollar remained largely unchanged, while those in the Chinese yuan decreased marginally.
The People's Bank of China is likely to increasingly intervene to support the currency over the coming year if the dollar remains strong and trade pressures persist, a separate Reuters poll found.
The Reuters survey is focused on what analysts believe are the current market positions in nine Asian emerging market currencies: the Chinese yuan, South Korean won, Singapore dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Taiwan dollar, Indian rupee, Philippine peso, Malaysian ringgit and the Thai baht.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: dollar#1 currency#2 Bank#3 Market#4 year#5
Post found in /Economics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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Livestock on the Blockchain

Banks are conservative and on the surface, they are portraying they hate cryptocurrency! Just look at the famous comment by Jamie Dimon who first says that he is going to fire any employee who buys Bitcoin but suddenly has an attack of conscience and now "regrets calling Bitcoin a Fraud". Of course, the firm he helms, JP Morgan Chase, was caught with its pants down buying Bitcoin as Mr. Dimon sent it plunging from US$5000 to US$3,000!! Brilliant move.
So it should come as no surprise if we find mainstream banks clandestinely supporting Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies. But what I do find surprising is that there is one initiative support by our Maybank, the Malaysian Banking Giant! Now that is super cool, but what really makes it surprising is this initiative is for the UNBANKED, the segment of the population (the bottom 40% or B40 as our Government refers to them perhaps) that does not have a bank account or is simply not profitable as customers
And the initiative is with Sentinel Chain which now aims to unlock the value of the "hidden assets" which most farmers have, which is LIVESTOCK. Have you ever been to a kampung in the heartland? These are good working folks but they often lack the capital to expand their business. Now, if we could collateralise their assets (here it's livestock, or to put it in Crypto terms the Tokenisation of Livestock) then it would provide them with sufficient capital for expansion or for times when money is needed (imagine that it's the start of the school year but the livestock they have is still not in a position to be "monetised" - borrowing against your assets. This will ultimately bring various financial services to the unbanked such as banking, credit facilities, insurance and even crowdfunding. In short, it uses the spirit of Blockchain to attack a niche area in Agriculture (livestock) and attempts to liberate the farmers from the yolk of Poverty.
And considering that the rural folks form the backbone of the voter base of Malaysia (do you that FELDA alone can sway 50 Parliament seats?) this could be a strategic project in collaboration with the Government of ASEAN countries which have a high percentage agrarian base. And bringing these facilities together with ASEAN giant Maybank is a stroke of genius IMHO. Hello, CIMB, are you around to hear this?
Among the Services that Sentinel Chain will provide are listed below, which now looks like a menu from a financial services Supermart. Have you ever heard of crowdfunding services offered by a Bank?
Well, this seems to all fine and dandy and brings us to a farmer utopia world but how are we to identify the livestock (which have legs and wings by the way) which belong to a particular farmer? It uses an innovative Identification tag for Livestock.
In short, the core components are of this entire ecosystem which also features a Private Blockchain are:
Livestock RFID Tag - a tamper proof RFID tag attached to the livestock which provides immutability of ownership (asset tracking). Geolocation and timestamp information is affixed.
Cross Pay Mobile App (A mobile walled based on Android-Good move, since I doubt farmers have Apple iPhones!!) - A cryptocurrency token called SENC which is also attached to an LCT (Local Cross Pay Token) denominated in the users local native currency (there will be an LCT Ringgit for Malaysia, Baht for Thailand and Pesos for the Philippines are some examples). This avoids the issue of Forex conversion rates and makes usage and business transactions seamless across borders. Cross pay will operate across many countries.
B2B Marketplace - This puts all the components together as a Private blockchain so users can access financial services from providers all over ASEAN. There will be multiple Cross Pay blockchain in different countries
Ok, so now I understand. Could Maybank be secretly backing up all these ICOs and emerge as the Blockchain champion of ASEAN in the future? Leaving rivals such as CIMB in the dust as it moves aggressively into an untapped market? This is such a great ICO opportunity that I am surprised that the ruling coalition (Barisan Nasional) has figured out an idea like this. Releasing the rural folks and bringing them financial facilities of the 21st Century through Blockchain.
This is definitely an investable project in my opinion as it will break existing glass walls to the problems of the unbanked in many ASEAN countries. So there, now even farmers can go to the MOON with Sentinel Chain!!
This is a classic example that blockchain is capable of addressing real-world issues and I would certainly love to see more projects similar to Sentinel Chain in the near future. Meanwhile, you can Google them up for more information. They have an active Telegram community: and you can find further details on their announcement channel:

senc #sentinelchain #blockchain #livestock #insurance #maybank#fenbushicapital #crosspay #iglobepartners #infocorp #mediashares#crowdo #vechain #proofofsupport

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Like any currency, Bitcoin vulnerable to speculators

Let's compare bitcoin to its symbolic twin, the Thai baht. In the 90s, billions of dollars were invested in Thailand. In 1997, the currency came under speculative attack and a rush to exit the baht occurred. What policy options did the Thai government have to defend the value of the baht against short sellers and prevent capital flight?
Dollar reserves: the central bank buys baht to prop up the price. Obviously this is not relevant to bitcoin.
Interest rates: the central bank makes holding baht more attractive by raising interest rates. This doesn't seem relevant either; are there bitcoin bonds? Contemplate the difference between an income-generating investment and currency speculation.
Capital controls: restricting the sale of baht blocks capital outflows. This is currently in effect for bitcoin, because bitcoins are not really liquid.
Now it's the future and bitcoin is a real currency with deep forex markets. What's protecting it from an attack? Remember that Thailand had a real economy worth billions of dollars and millions of people used the baht to pay salaries, make loans, etc.
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Anton Kreil Negotiates 100 Baht for Human Target on Thai Shooting Range Best Forex Brokers In Thailand 2020 (Beginners Guide) - FxBeginner.Net [NEWS] 25th November 2019 FX Trading: Diese Werte beeinflussen den AUD [Wichtig] Say NO To Fees: Foreign Exchange in Thailand - YouTube Add Realtime Currency Data into Excel - YouTube FOREX TRADES  IJS TV - YouTube Understanding foreign currency exchange markets - YouTube How to exchange currency  Money Exchange  Buy Forex  विदेशी मुद्रा कैसे खरीदें

Der starke Thai Baht belastet jedoch zunehmend die Geschäfte der Exportwirtschaft. Innerhalb eines Jahres sanken die Ausfuhren um 7,7 Prozent. Das entspricht dem größten Rückgang seit Januar 2016. FOREX Bank är sedan 1965 Nordens marknadsledare på resevaluta. Sedan mitten av år 2003 har vi också ett växande utbud av andra banktjänster som lån, konton, kort och betalningstjänster. FOREX Bank AB, Box 2154, SE-103 14 Stockholm. Växel: 010 211 10 00. O rg. nr. 516406-0104. Ändra cookie-inställningar Tältä sivulta löydät valuuttakurssin ja havainnollistavan kaavion kurssikehityksestä euroissa valuutalle Thaimaan baht (THB). Voit seurata kurssikehitystä vuodesta 2012 tähän päivään saakka. Luettelemme myös maat, joissa Thaimaan baht (THB) on ensisijaisesti käytettävä valuutta. Thailand Rate Baht USD/THB Currency report Thailand Baht Video real time thai baht forex cross rates thai cross charts asia news thai baht currency quotes trading forecasting interbank thai fx. EUR/THB: Aktueller Euro - Thai Baht Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs EUR in THB. is intended to provide a clear summary of the Thai baht currency. Information, analysis, and commentary is focused on this market, including both current and historical data. Prices are updated every hour in GMT +7 timezone. does not give investment advice and does not take anyone’s circumstances into consideration when discussing investments, nor is registered as ... When opening a forex account, you should avoid being blinded by bonuses offered by the forex broker. For example, open 1500 Thai Baht account and get 500 Thai Baht bonus cash. There is nothing ... EUR/THB: Aktueller Euro - Baht Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs EUR in THB. Until 1880, the Thai Baht was fixed to the British Pound at a rate of 8 TBH to 1 GBP. This rate changed several times until the Baht was re-pegged to the Japanese Yen at par during World War II. After the war, the currency changed its peg to 20.8 Baht per 1 US Dollar, then to 20 Baht per US Dollar in 1978, and to 25 Baht in 1984. Financial Crisis Der Thailändische Baht ist die offizielle Währung von Thailand. Mit dem EUR THB Wechselkurs Währungsrechner haben Sie sofort den aktuellen Kurs zur Hand und können bequem Euro in Thailändische Baht umrechnen. Thailand ist, auch auf Grund seiner verhältnismäßig niedrigen Lebenshaltungskosten, eines der beliebtesten Fernreiseziele deutscher Touristen, weshalb auch der Wechselkurs für ...

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Anton Kreil Negotiates 100 Baht for Human Target on Thai Shooting Range

You'll need Thai Baht to pay for your hotel, food, and other purchases in Thailand. However, when it comes to foreign exchange, banks make a hefty profit at ... I thought I would take a minute today to roll things back a bit and make sure we are all on the same page regarding... Wer Forex Trading lernen möchte, kann hier unser kostenloses Forex Trading PDF downloaden: ... Auch wenn einige Broker exotische Währungen wie den Thailändischen Baht anbieten, konzentriert ... - Over 8,000 people fall victims to 100 million baht Forex scams - Ram raider sentenced to 7 years in prison after hiding out in Thailand All this and more of the latest local & national news ... Thailand Currency, Exchanging Money for Thai Baht : This video is about that how can we get Thai Baht in India and what is the best place for Exchanging Money for Thai Baht. We always prefer to ... In this video, I will tell you how to do currency exchange for foreign travel. इस वीडियो में विदेशी मुद्रा खरीदने के बारे ... Anton Kreil Negotiates 100 Baht for Human Target on Thai Shooting Range InstituteofTrading. Loading... Unsubscribe from InstituteofTrading? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed ... The simple video tutorial will show you how to import live currency data from the web into your excel spread sheet. I will also show you how to get this data... Intraday currency trades, with Buy and Sell signals and profit targets in the foreign exchange market. Especially getting the ones that accept Thai traders and would allow you invest in your currency, the Thai baht. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.